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Earth Shelter Home Construction DVD

Upon visiting the model home you can purchase the construction video for $35.00

In 40+ minutes of running time, you’ll see:

  1. Start-to-finish green building construction.
  2. “Shells” of poured concrete reinforced with steel
  3. Pictures of the finished Earth Shelter house.

A must for the “do-it-yourselfer” and those who desire sustainable living!

Send $35 (US) to:
Ralph Smoot 
1069a Peach Creek Rd
Waelder, Texas 78959

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Additional Services

The services below pertain to additional work that Conrad’s Castles Construction is willing to contract with homeowner to expedite move-in date.

Since our green building plans contain separate plumbing and electrical plans, Conrad’s Castles Construction is willing to “rough-in” such services and save homeowners $3,000+ on a 2,000 square-foot home, as well as 1-2 weeks of construction time. Normally, time to “rough-in” takes two days, owner will assist, pay for necessary materials, and Conrad’s Castles Construction will contract for labor only.

Once the building shell is finished, waterproofing can be done. See our cost figures.

Interior “skimming” includes priming concrete interior and floating formed imperfections using a fast setting mud. Again, homeowner pays for all materials, rental, and contracts with Conrad’s Castles Construction for labor only.

In some instances, Conrad’s Castles Construction will contract for and complete a “turn-key job.” We do beautiful work inside as well as out!