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Earth Shelter Home Reference Books


Earth Shelter Community Design – University of Minnesota
Earth Shelter Housing Design – University of Minnesota
Underground Building design – University of Minnesota
Building Underground – Herb Wade
Underground House Book – Stu Campbell
Earth-Sheltered House – Malcolm Wells
Earth Shelter Home Financing – United States Department of Energy
Solar Homes – Louis Grope
Living Homes – Thomas J. Elpels
Solar Home Book – Brae Anderson
Build Your Own Energy Saver Home – Ray Wilson
Earth Builder – Magazine


Permaculture – Bill Mollision
Set up of Gardner Ponds – Terry Anne Barber
Ponds, Planning, Design, & Construction – United States Department of Agriculture


Health and Light – John T. Ott
How to Grow Fresh Air – B.C. Wolerton
A Healthy House – Paula Baker-Laporte, Elliot, And Banta
Breathing Walls – George Swanson


Mother Earth News- Magazine
Green Building Products – Alex Wilson & Mark Piepkorn
Passive Annual Heat Storage – Hait 
Affordable Housing –