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Investing in an Earth Sheltered Project


All investors are concerned about “rate of return” on their investment dollars. Earth Shelter construction offers three significant advantages over other types of building construction:

Terra Casa of Bastrop

1. Ability to start with “undesirable land” and end up with the environmental setting of a park.

2. The strength of the structure offers greater protection against the elements (as civil defense use), ability to park vehicles on top of structure (requiring less land use, yet still complying with codes) and lower operational and maintenance costs.

3. Significant reduction in construction time.

4. Significant reduction in energy, maintenance and insurance costs.

5. With the “Energy Tax Incentives Act of 2005”, you can get thousands of dollars in tax credits for energy-saving measures you take.

6. Owner occupying a unit of his Earthsheltered four-plex structure could reduce living expenses to near zero.

a. The four-plex has many advantages and is often built on flat land.
b. The owner’s unit is personally designed.
c. The three tenant unit’s are designed with the help of a local “experienced”
realtor to help get the tenants you desire in order to attain the highest return
and least problems. He would further assist you in collecting the monthly rent
WHILE INSPECTING THE UNIT, and then visit you with your money and
report. The tenants would not know you are the owner.
d. Call me if you have any questions——I want to help you keep your costs down.

7. Also worth considering is the life of a building. Roman concrete structures have existed for over 2,000 years. The long life of your concrete and steel building would increase your investment return, while reducing the cost of ownership and improving resale value. The environmental benefits are also increased. Please see Reasons to Specify Concrete Buildings.

I will be happy to talk to you personally about your specific building needs. Please feel free to call me.

Ralph Smoot

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