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25 Reasons You Should Consider Earth Sheltered Living

A Truly Green and Sustainable Building System

1. Abundant Natural Light
Your home will have more natural lighting and ventilation than a conventional home, because of our domed ceilings. If you think that Earth Sheltered homes are dark and damp, you’ll be surprised! Call us, and come visit one of our homes.

2. An Earth Sheltered Home Is Comfortable All Year Round.
Cool in summer, warm in winter.

3. Energy Efficiency
Save up to 80% on heating and cooling.

4. Ecologically Sound and Aesthetically Pleasing
You’ll enjoy your Earth Sheltered home for its beauty and design for sustainable living.

5. A Unique and Exciting Way of Living
You’ll be talking about your new ”green living” lifestyle and may get visits from friends that you forgot you had.

6. Insurance Breaks
Solid concrete homes don’t burn, and tornadoes go right over them, so insurance costs are less than for “stick homes”.

7. Long Lasting
Constructed of concrete and steel, Earth Sheltered homes will last well over 100 years, maybe a thousand!

8. Very Low Maintenance
This means much less expense, fewer headaches, and more enjoyable weekends!

9. Use of Conventional Heating and Cooling Systems is perfectly practical,
but you will only need a system with approximately 1/4 of the output that a conventional home requires. Less expense here, too!

10. Put Away That Dust Rag!
Less dust enters the home because of the seamless type of construction.

11. Great For Those Who Suffer From Allergies
Pollens and mold spores, like dust, are kept outside. Also, the negative ionization atmosphere created by the combination of concrete and tons of earth is much healthier.

12. Water Lines Never Freeze,
even in mid-winter without heat, because of earth contact.

13. Solar Heating
Because the earth remains at a constant temperature in the 70’s, your Earth Sheltered home can utilize passive solar, without expensive solar equipment.

14. Solar Energy
Because Earth Homes are so efficient and use little BTU’s , the addition of Solar Electric is extremely beneficial.  Most Earth homes can power their homes with only 3KW, while 6KW would supply all basic electric needs of the home.

15. Increased Yard Space
More room for gardens, and family fun (even a putting green) on top of the house!

16. Storm Safety
An Earth Sheltered home keeps your family safe from hail, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.

17. Termite Proof
Say goodbye to insects and extermination bills. So, no pesticide toxins in these homes. That’s sustainable living!

18. Leak Proof
With our unique waterproofing system, your Earth Sheltered home can have a written warranty against leakage.

19. Rodent Resistant
Rodents cannot intrude in the walls of an Earth Sheltered home. No squirrels in the attic!

20. Earthquake Resistant
An Earth Sheltered home is structurally superior to conventional dwellings. As the earth moves, so does the Earth Sheltered home. Conventional homes crumble.

21. Decay Resistant
Being constructed of reinforced concrete, there is nothing to decay.

22. Fire Resistant
Reinforced concrete with earth cover offers the best fire resistance available. No need to worry about grass fires or a neighbor’s fire spreading.

23. Burglar Resistant
Crooks have fewer points of entry, so your home is more secure.

24. Protection From Nuclear Fallout
Earth and concrete are two of the most efficient radiation shields available to the general public.

25. Technologically Advanced Design
With our air-handling system such things as sweating walls, mildew growth, and stale air are eliminated, and any traces of radon are expelled with the air changes.

26. Cost-Effective
With the solid construction, low maintenance and energy-efficiency of Earth Shelter, more of your assets stay in savings instead of supporting a deteriorating wood-frame home. Over 14 years, a 2,400 square foot Earth Shelter home can pay for itself in assets saved.